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Surbiton Business Community | Uniting Surbiton’s Businesses

SBC is a membership and service organisation for businesses based in or doing business in Surbiton and the area immediately around it.

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About SBC

SBC does four main things:


It’s a social group for business people to meet and relax together. We hold regular networking events.


We are a channel for business support opportunities – some training, advice or events we coordinate ourselves, some are organised externally.


We aim to make Surbiton a better place for doing business using our collective voice to shape the infrastructure and regeneration of Surbiton.


We engage in collective action with local groups, sometimes to help with a community project, sometimes to participate in a special occasion.

Why join SBC?

If you join SBC you get immediate social and business support benefits, you will also help us to help you as your advocates in the improvement of Surbiton as a place to do business.  SBC is also a great vehicle for business to take collective action with other groups on causes that we all care about.

How to get involved